CDISC Open Source Alliance

The CDISC Open-Source Alliance (COSA) supports, promotes, and sometimes sponsors open-source software projects that create tools for implementing or developing CDISC standards to drive innovation in the CDISC community.

COSA Repository Directory

The following repositories are officially recognized by COSA as being open-source projects focused on implementing or developing CDISC standards to drive innovation in the CDISC community. All COSA projects must meet the inclusion criteria to be considered for inclusion the Repository Directory.

Tool Source Description License Maturity Language
odmlib odmlib odmlib is a Python library that simplifies creating and processing ODM and its extensions, such as Define-XML. The odmlib package provides an object-oriented approach to working with ODM. It also makes it easy for implementers to create tools that support their own ODM extensions without needed to create or process XML directly. It serializes ODM as XML or JSON. Read More MIT Development Python
R4DSXML R4DSXML R4DSXML is R package for import both CDISC Dataset-XML and Define-XML as R data frame. Read More LGPL-3.0 Stable R
Smart Submission Dataset Viewer Smart Submission Dataset Viewer The Smart Submission Dataset Viewer provides this all: it is "smart" and understands SDTM, SEND and ADaM very well, and this in a very user-friendly way. One can say that the "Smart Submission Dataset Viewer" has more "smart" features than any review tools available to regulatory reviewers. Read More MIT Stable Java
TFL Designer TFL Designer TFL Designer is a tool that can leverage available CDISC analysis results standards/templates and accelerate generation of the TFL shells and support metadata driven automation in development of ADaM and TFLs. Read More MIT Development TBD
Visual Define-XML Editor (VDE) Visual Define-XML Editor VDE is a WYSIWYG editor, which is intended to help develop dataset specifications as a Define-XML document from the very beginning of the dataset development process. It provides users an ability to create from Define-XML documents scratch and update existing documents. Currently the supported standards are Define-XML v2.0 and ARM v1.0 extension, as well as has integration with CDISC Library and implements CDISC Library and NCI/CDISC CT browsers. Read More AGPL-3.0 Stable JavaScript